EDARCH has plans to establish various such centres throughout India and Abroad and bring all categories of Divyang Persons in the main stream of society with dignity as Entrepreneurs for which we earnestly appeal you to come forward and-

Donate funds for this cause as they are exempt from income tax under sec. 80 G.

Donate infrastructure like computers, fans, cupboards etc.

Sponsor EDARCH Centre or its part with your name.

Arrange machines, tools, tackles and equipment for Vocational training and manufacturing these products.

Give/arrange orders for supply of our present production like plastic components, paper Shredding, paper bags.

Use your good offices to generate orders for supply of different products to industries to make Divyang Persons as Entrepreneurs.

Get involved in our activity by donating land for new Centre and the Centre would be named after you or your loved ones.

Using your digital knowledge contact NRIs and foreign funding agencies for raising funds for EDARCH.

Divyang persons of all categories without any educational qualification from your area can be enrolled in vocational training.

Spare your valuable time and energy at our Centre for Vocational training, administration, skill development and for getting orders of products from Industries.

Using your contacts arrange for funds through NGOs, industries, philanthropists and through CSR for expansion and diversification in the present Centre or for establishing new Centre as per our future project plan.

Engage your expertise and technical knowledge for the benefit of EDARCH to receive funds and grants from State and Central Government under Skill Development Schemes and under Rehabilitation of Divyang Persons Schemes.

Give your support for Waste Paper Collection for manufacturing paper bags and paper shredding.

  • Societies and townships, industries, educational institutes can donate waste papers.
  • We will come and collect the waste papers every month