About Us


At EDARCH, all categories of Divyang persons like Orthopedically Handicapped, Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Mentally Challenged are working together on machines and are manufacturing industrial plastic components, paper shredding & other products and are supplying to various industries as Entrepreneurs. The concept of EDARCH of sustainable rehabilitation of Divyang Persons in heterogeneous groups in the manufacturing of industrial products has been proved successful.

EDARCH- Entrepreneurship Development And Rehabilitation Centre for the Handicapped, works on the principle that Divyang Persons can successfully be rehabilitated in the manufacturing activity in heterogeneous groups of different categories of Divyang Persons.

In the scheme of Entrepreneurship development, the Divyang Persons are rehabilitated in the groups of 5-8 Divyang Persons, which include all categories i.e. Mentally Challenged , Visually Impaired, Orthopedically Handicapped and Hearing Impaired.

Vocational training is given to each category on machines only in those manufacturing functions which that category can perform and become perfect.

Vocational training of each category in the functions allotted to them in the manufacturing activity takes a long time and needs patience but once they learn the activity, they do it perfectly and with pleasure.   The success of EDARCH and the concept has been widely appreciated at National and International levels with National Award at the hands of Prime Minister of India, International Helen Keller Award, Udyog Shree Award and many more awards.

The perfection of the Divyang Persons in the manufacturing activities, the systems set by EDARCH and followed by the Divyang Persons in the organization and the maintenance of the record have put a feather in the cap of EDARCH and the organization have become the only organization of its kind in India, having international recognition ISO 9001-2008.

Presently Divyang Persons at EDARCH are manufacturing & supplying various types of plastic components, paper shredding, paper bags to companies like Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd., Mahale Filters, Kadambari etc. and are earning their source of income with dignity as Entrepreneurs.


The only NGO, where all categories of Divyang Persons work together on machines and earn their bread and butter with dignity. All categories of Divyang Persons are sustainably rehabilitated throughout their lives.

Groups of different categories are given quality Vocational Training on machines in manufacturing of industrial products/components.

Divyang Persons of different categories take care of each other while learning and earning.

They live in society with dignity and earn a status of Entrepreneur.

Divyang Persons enjoy the creativity in manufacturing as they are required to perform the activity in which they are perfect.

No Educational qualifications are required and no fees is charged for vocational training to the beneficiaries.

We Are Open For

EDARCH welcomes Technocrats, Industries, NGOs, Philanthropists, Corporate Houses, Government Agencies, Social Workers , Families of Divyang Persons to support us for job orders, funds and sponsorships.

We welcome NRIs and Foreign Funding agencies to support and raise funds.

Persons having interest and aptitude for the support and sustainable rehabilitation of Divyang persons.

EDARCH welcomes young Divyang Persons -boys and girls above the age of 16 yrs. from the categories like Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Mentally Challenged and Orthopedically Handicapped to participate in this scheme.