Video presentation of EDARCH working process

Sustainable Rehabilitation of Divyang Persons
A New Concept

In order to remove lacunae of present systems and achieve sustainable rehabilitation of Divyang Persons, Mr. Dilip Deshpande established an organization called EDARCH - Entrepreneurship Development And Rehabilitation Center for the Handicapped


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EDARCH works on the principle that Divyang Persons can successfully be rehabilitated in the manufacturing activity in heterogeneous groups of different categories of Divyang Persons.

In the scheme of Entrepreneurship development, the Divyang Persons are rehabilitated in groups, each group of 5-8 Divyang Persons, which include all categories i.e. mentally challenged, visually impaired, orthopaediclly handicapped and hearing impaired.

Vocational training in manufacturing of industrial products is given to the group on machines in such a way that each category performs the manufacturing function in which it can become perfect by utilising God given strength to that category.

After imparting vocational training to Divyang persons, instead of leaving them on their fate for search of jobs or to start their own business, EDARCH provides permanent source of income throughout their life in the same activity which they learn during vocational training and need not depend for sustenance on their family or society and should lead their life with dignity as Entrepreneur having own business of the group.


As the group of various categories of Divyang Persons work together from beginning, they become familiar with each other, learn to take care of each other and form a bond of affiliation. This enables them to work cohesively, with greater enthusiasm and confidence.

In this scheme of rehabilitation, these Divyang Persons do not face problems of change in work culture, change in the environment and the problems of rehabilitation in isolation like present, traditional systems of rehabilitation.

The rehabilitated group manufactures the products with full confidence and vigour as the Divyang Persons of the group enjoy the feeling of creativity and develop a feeling of self reliance.

EDARCH remains attached to these groups after their training also to sort out their problems as may come to any industry for running the business like machine maintenance, orders, payments, etc.


During training, EDARCH provides all facilities for production, technical guidance, close supervision for safe working, special technical aids, medical aid and any other help to the group as required to achieve quality & optimum rate of production.

EDARCH develops Industrial tie-ups first for permanent supply of components and then only start Vocational training to the group so as to assure sustainable rehabilitation.

Once the group achieves perfection, it is proposed that all Divyang persons of the group form their own industrial unit, may be on co-operative basis so that the group can supply the production regularly on commercial basis and can stand on its own footing as a small Entrepreneur.


EDARCH has supplied more than 15,000 V.R. Lever Assemblies, more than 5,70,000 H.D.P. Caps and more than 125 Tons of paper shredding to Cummins Diesel Sales & Services, Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. Mahale Filters, Kadambari & other companies.

Company authorities have testified to the efficiency and high quality of work produced.

While the percentage of rejection of normal ancillary units vary from 3 to 5 %, EDARCH has successfully brought it down upto 1 %.

It is a fact that, Imparting vocational training to Divyang persons require a lot of patience, time and effort but once the Divyang Persons become perfect, they carry out the work with full concentration and dedication as they are not prone to distractions.